The Colors of The Sheltie
Sable and white
Black, tan and white
Blue merle, tan and white
Color Basics

Shelties are found in three main colors: sable, black and blue merle.  On each of these colors is superimposed a varying amount of white markings.  On the black and blue merles, varying amounts of tan may be present, but is not required.  In all cases the nose color should be black.
Specifically, adult homozygous blue merles or bi-blues with varying amounts of color.  I also need a white factored sable or tricolor with NO white stifle, and a photo of that dog's CHW offspring.  High quality photos, attractive dogs with tipped ears, show pose, but preferably not a win photo (ie dog only, no handler or awards visible), side view and a few face views, at least 300 x 400 pixels, with room to crop around the dog.  Not necessarily champions, but no glaring faults.
Send candidate photos to Alicia ctsheltie at syler dot com.
In case anyone hasn't noticed, my own house is mostly sables.
I still need a few photos of club members' Shelties in other colors: